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​​Adult Jujitsu

Adult Jujitsu (14 and up)

Traditional Jujitsu is a self defense oriented martial art that originated in Japan. Techniques include throws, trapping, joint locks, holds, chokes, disengagements, kicking, punching, and use of weapons. Jujitsu is a hybrid art of striking and grappling arts which makes for excellent cross training for all athletes. Our primary focus is Jujitsu as self defense supplemented by sport Jujitsu.

Adult Judo

Adult Judo (14 and up)

Judo is the ideal martial art for adults even at the beginning stages. While it does exist nowadays as a competitive sport – we can take you that far if it’s your goal as well it begins with a system of self-defense.

Judo: The Gentle Way

The art of Judo is also known as “the gentle way” in that it promotes evasion of an aggressive attack through leverage and other techniques. It teaches a smaller person to successfully defend themselves against a larger, stronger aggressor by actually using that imbalance of power to take the aggressor off balance. Judo emphasizes efficiency in execution, meaning:

You will learn how to get the maximum effect with the minimum of effort
Differences in size and strength are negated
It’s ideal for men, women and teen beginners of any age

Judo teaches spectacular throws, takedowns, along with what is known as the ground game, or grappling. The goal is to make your opponent lose their balance and end up on the ground, where through techniques like chokes, armlocks and hold downs, you can gain the upper hand no matter what your size.

Along with its specific techniques and moves, the benefits of Judo lessons are many:

You’ll gain self-confidence as your skills grow
You’ll gain physical conditioning
It helps to improve self-control and self-discipline

We maintain a safe learning environment where mutual respect is key.

Start Date and Class Schedule
Judo and Traditional Jujitsu Class Fall Session starts September 4th 2018 to February 5PM to 8PM and is held every Tuesday and Thursday. If canceled to due to inclement weather class will be rescheduled.

5:00pm to 5:30pm Little Dragons
5:15pm to 6:00pm Youth JuJitsu
6:00pm to 6:45pm Youth Judo
6:30pm to 8:00pm Variations of Judo, Traditional and Sport Jujitsu Training/Sparring 

5:00pm to 5:30pm Little Dragons
5:15pm to 6:00pm Youth Jujitsu
6:00pm to 6:45pm Youth Judo
6:30pm to 7:30pm Traditional Adult Jujitsu
7:30pm to 8:15/30pm Adult Judo


9:45am to 11:30am Adult Judo

Class & Equipment Cost

AAU membership $29 for adults

A white (gi) uniform is mandatory. We will and can order these uniforms after registration is complete and upon first practice unless you make other arrangements with us. Uniforms known as a (gi) can be ordered through us. We recommend trying on uniform prior to ordering to ensure proper fit. Uniforms for Youth can range from $40 on low end to $80 on high end depending on style or brand of gi desired. Uniforms for Adults can range from $40 on low end to $120 on high end again depending on style or brand of gi desired. 

Adult Judo or Jujitsu Class is $40 per family member.

If you chose to do both Judo and Jujitsu as a benefit we offer one class at regular price the other class is only $10 additional.

Family discounts. 
First student is full price
2nd student is 10% off 
3rd student is 20% off