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Great Lakes Training Group is recognized by the BCA of MN as an approved business organization approved to train instructors and Eric Holien is recognized as an approved instructor.

International Freestyle Judo Alliance


Judo and Jujitsu ages 14 and up

Minnesota Permit to Carry

Youth Judo and Jujitsu

ages up to 13

Little Dragons Jujitsu 

‚Äčages 4 to 6

Get to know us

Owner and lead Instructor Eric Holien is a 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan) in Traditional Jujitsu and 2nd Degree Black Belt (Nidan) in Judo. Eric is a student of and began studying Jujitsu and Judo under the instruction of Hachidan Glenn Negen who has been doing martial arts for 51 years and retired police sergeant.  As well a student and studies Jujutsu under Shihan Douglas Woodhall. Eric at the age of 39 still actively competes in tournaments, besides instructing/coaching. His combat sports training began at the age of 5 in 1982 as a wrestler. While in the United States Army Eric continued to further his wrestling skills competing in Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, competing on the Baumholder GE US Army Teams. As well is USA Wrestling Cooper and Bronze Certified Coach.

In 1997 to 1999 he attended Law Enforcement School and until 2000 worked security related fields. As well continued serving in Minnesota Army National Guard until 2003. As a law enforcement officer Eric is an Instructor Trainer and instructor for many use of force aspects/specialities. Eric has been or is currently an Instructor Trainer in Police Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle, Active Shooter, School Safety & Healthy Children. Instructor in Use of Force since 2001 specialties to include basic SWAT, defensive tactics, ground avoidance ground escape, spontaneous knife defense, weapon retention and disarm instructor, Monadock pr 24 instructor, Monadnock expandable baton, airsoft, force on force, taser, oc, shotgun less lethal, handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun, low light police firearms, active shooter. 


Great Lakes Training Group was established to fulfill the increased public interest in every aspect of personal protection. We are building a proper foundation for effectively handling real world situations. Training has a strong principle based philosophy from which technique can be evaluated and developed. As Training Counselors and Instructors we will maintain the highest code of ethics, preparing members of our community to acquire proper Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude for safe firearms handling. To understand the ethical, legal, and practical reasons for personal protection. 


In the martial arts we can provide the training you are looking for, whether its real world self defense or sport. Options available are Judo under International Judo Federation rules or International Freestyle Alliance rules gi and no-gi, Traditional Jujitsu, Sport Jujitsu under JJIF rules for 3 part system, ne waza (ground), and duo, Brazilian Jujitsu gi and No-gi, submission wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts. Classes are taught by knowledgeable qualified instructors. For firearms primary class taught is Minnesota Permit to Carry as well tactical handgun and combat shooting style training. It is not uncommon for some of the tactical courses for us to team up with other training organizations to help provide the best possible training experience for you the student.